TMT Cable Tie Mount

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TMT push mount is black and requires a panel hole diameter of 0.7 to 11mm. It is made of heat-stabilized nylon 6.6, which increases mechanical strength, heat and wear resistance, and stiffness. It comes in packages of 1000 Pcs.

Technical Details

Part No.Ties Width Matched
Hole Dia
Panel Thickness
TMT-5Less than 4.84.5-5.00.7-3.0
TMT-6Less than 4.86.4-7.10.75-3.0
TMT-8Less than 4.87.7-8.00.8-6.0
TMT-9Less than 4.89.0-10.65.0-11.0
TMT-10Less than 4.89.7-10.00.8-5.0


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