About Us

YUEQIGN TELEHAN ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., which foucs on wiring connectors and terminations, in order to make the full safety for electricity using from the company established in 2013.

From low voltage appliances connection and wiring termination, we, on the same side with end users and whole sellers, distributors, to supply the best solution as well as connectors, lugs and terminals to keep all the connection for electricity in safe ways. With safety material components, reasonable and beautiful design, lower cost, high quality method, had solved more than 10000 customers issues.


1, We keep all our items high quality and with 12 months gurantee time;

2, We focus on Electricity Protection and Safety, Keep all the time safe for electricity is the best love for all among you;

3, We promise all the best information before, in and after the processe for buying service;

4, We cherish all our users as family, family happy, we happy;

5, We promise: Only give me a chance, we will make you satisfication all the time.