TMH Mountable Head Cable Tie

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  • These screw mount cable ties have a built in mounting holes
  • Once fastened around the cables the bundle can be simply secured to the wiht a screw or bole
  • Material:Nylong 66,UL94 V2
  • Color:ALL colors are available
Part No.Length mm(inch)Width mm(inch) Max.Bundle Dia  mm(inch) Min.loop   Tensile Strength  kg(lbs)  Hole Dla mm(inch)Hole Dia  Screw  
TMH-110*2.5110(4.33) 2.5(0.10)22(0.87)8.1(18)3.2(0.126) M3
TMH-150*3.6150(5.91) 3.6(0.14)32(1.26) 18.2(40)4.2(0.165)M4
TMH-170*3.6170(6.69) 3.6(0.14)38(1.5) 18.2(40)4.2(0.165)M4
TMH-190*4.8190(7.48)4.8(0.19) 45(1.77)22.2(50)6.4(0.252)M6
TMH-200*4.8200(7.87)4.8(0.19) 50(1.97)22.2(50)5.5(0.216)M5
TMH-216*4.8216(8.50)4.8(0.19) 53(2.09)22.2(50)5.5(0.216)M5
TMH-300*4.8310(12.20)4.8(0.19) 76(2.99)22.2(50)5.5(0.216)M5
TMH-370*4.8377(18.84)4.8(0.19) 102(4.02)22.2(50)5.5(0.216)M5
TMH-200*7.6200(8.46)7.6(0.30) 50(1.97)54.4(120)5.7(0.224)M5
TMH-300*7.6 313(8.46)7.6(0.30) 76(2.99)54.4(120)5.7(0.224)M5
TMH-380*7.6380(8.46)7.6(0.30) 98(3.86)54.4(120)6.3(0.248)M6

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