SB50 to SB50 50A extension cable


SB50 to SB50 extension cable, is mainly using 15A to 50A series large current laoding and extension for forklift, battery extension, electric vehical cable extension, solar panel power extension cable, etc.

SB50 to SB50 50A anderson extension cable


Housing Material: PC UL94-0


Material: Sliver electroplated Copper

Method of Termination: Cold Press

Size: AWG 6, 8, 10/12

Wire Specfication: AWG6, AWG8, AWG10/12

Current: 50A, 30A, 15A

Cable Length: 0.3m, 1.0m, 2m,3m,5m,10m,20m or customerized

Working Frequency: high frequency

Poles: Double

OEM or not: Yes

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